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Raw Essentials - Wash
Raw Essentials - Wash

Raw Essentials - Wash

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 How it works

Ingredients derived from Palms, Aloevera and Silver makes it a thorough cleanser, it’s so gentle that it attracts excess oil and dirt, emulsifies it and rinses off very easily. Vitamins and provitamins retain skin moisture, reduce inflamation, minimize pore appearence and improve overall skin texture.

Why so effective?


Soap free : Cleanse excess oil from your face without over drying.


Silver : Silver triggers healing effects in tissue, which makes it great for scarred and aging skin.


Aloevera : treats acne, reduce redness, antioxidant, heal burns, hydrating.


Vitamins B3/B5 : reduce pore size, anti aging, minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

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